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Hypnotherapy Heals. Improve Your Health. Effective Healing.

Hypnotherapy Hypnosis, Registered Natural Health Practitioner with Professional Cosmodic Scenar  Pain Control Treatments.

Suffering; overweight, stress, phobias, eating, depression?

If you are  suffering or unhappy with depression, phobias, eating, stress problems then get help now.  Get effective help, often reducing drugs and medications, feel better quickly .
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Relationship Problems, Stress? Get Hypnosis Relief

When having problems with your relationships, get  Hypnosis Hypnotherapy help - it really works.  We are all currently each under  more attack than ever before with daily stress and stress related  issues  in our busy  modern lifestyles. Hypnotherapy helps and it really works . It is effective for most issues including irrational outbursts, assertiveness, panic attacks, stress, weight, ADD, hyperactivity, poor lifestyles, gambling, drinking, lack of love, foster children issues, and much more.  When usual medical and counselling treatments are not working, then get some effective help  now. Sort your problems  quickly just contact us (Free initial consultation)

Trying to stop smoking ? Quit smoking Now

Hypnotherapy  with Cosmodic Scenar is the most effective treatment  for stop smoking or quit smoking  treatment. Your quit smoking treatment costs are  quickly saved once you get started and Hypnosis  Hypnotherapy Scenar Scanner treatments Heal you well. Act now and get smoking stopped as well as other extended health and longer life benefits. Contact us for an appointment(Free initial consultation)


Back Pain, Muscle, Bone, Chronic Pain, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Menopause, Stroke recovery, disability?

Back pain and pain treatment problems affect 70% of the population in spite of  modern surgery and physio treatments. Now get effective fast help with drug free  and effective pain solutions in Parnell Clinic . New Zealand's only Natural Health with Scenar Cosmodic Scanner and Hypnotherapy Hypnosis  Clinic. Start with techniques which really help you.  Patients have come for treatment even after years of problems and relief is fast and powerful.  Get your natural pain relief started, reduce your pills, medication and regain good health now.   Parnell Auckland Hypnosis and Cosmodic Scenar Clinic.  Contact Us (Free initial consultation)


Sports, Athletes, Memory, Motivation Learning, Performance.

For passing exams or winning races, improved  sales performance or being successful in business. Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis,  Scenar  Scanner quickly obtains improved  performance results and you succeed in improving yourself quickly.  Olympic Athletes use Scenar powerful and well proven drug free  hypnotherapy treatments. Try for yourself.  Get started contact us (Free initial consultation)